Cattails  48x24"  acrylic on canvas SOLD        

       Taking Flight 22x29" ink and oil pastel on paper ​SOLD  print $30

All images © Sarah Goodyear

Hibilon Court 25x21" ink and oil pastel on paper   SOLD   print $30

Fields 24x24" acrylic on canvas SOLD print $30

Dozing  20x16"  acrylic on canvas SOLD         print $30

Guarding My Other Grave  18x24"  acrylic on canvas 

Eastbound  32x16" acrylic on canvas SOLD    print $30      

Can't Make Him Drink   18x12"  acrylic on board  SOLD   print $30

Sarah Goodyear Studios

October   24x36"  acrylic on canvas  SOLD     


Guarding My Grave  24x36"  acrylic on canvas SOLD         

print $30