Woman In The City  16x20" ink on canvas  SOLD 


Fukushima  30x40"  acrylic on canvas   SOLD     

Anguish  22x28" oil pastel on board SOLD  

The Painter  24x32"  acrylic on canvas  SOLD  print $30

Squirrel In The City  40x30" acrylic on canvas  SOLD  print $30


Rage  16x20"  acrylic and ink on canvas  SOLD  print $30

Blue  22x28"  oil pastel & ink on paper  $750 print $30

Apparition    16x20" acrylic on canvas   SOLD  print $30

All images © Sarah Goodyear

Snow Dance  24x18" acrylic on canvas  SOLD    print $30

Sarah Goodyear Studios