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When I was a little kid I was obsessed with drawing hearts. I would meet a new friend and challenge them to a heart-drawing comparison.

"Let's see your best heart right there."  
It was fascinating to see the way different people decided on the curvature of their individual hearts. Applied calculus in the blink of an eye, creating such a feminine shape. I always took note of what someone's heart looked like, and it always seemed to suit them, every time. 

After my five year old self made this observation, that concept swam in the back of my mind for the next 15 years. It was like I had my finger on the trigger of this truth, and I was just waiting for the right moment to let it fire.

Eventually I realized I had to do this. I'm referring to the sense of self I feel when I draw the curves for my own heart. I have an immense feeling of gratification when I make a piece of art; there is my feeling and thought, recorded forever. 

Sarah Goodyear